Traditional Irish Music -- Learning Resources

On you will find a range of resources to support learning for over 350 traditional Irish tunes.

All types of traditional Irish music are represented, including:

  • Reels
  • Jigs
  • Slip Jigs
  • Hornpipes
  • Slides
  • Polkas
  • ........... and more

A range of electronic resources are published for each tune. These include:

  • Sheet music (PDF) -- Annotated with alphabetic representation of the note for those less comfortable reading sheet music.
  • **New** Dyanamic sheet music -- Have the tune played to you, with the cursor highlighting each note as it is played. Add in a metronome
  • Myriad music (myr) format -- Download this format and use Myriad Music software (shareware or paid versions) to playback the tune or edit it.
  • Audio format (mp3) -- A simple piano rendition of the tune
  • abc music notation format (abc)
  • midi format
  • Links to examples of the tune being played on the internet -- often on YouTube

The sheet music on this site has been created using "Myriad Music" software and this myr format of each tune can also be downloaded. This is a great, free or inexpensive music editing software. If you install (Windows or Mac) "Melody Assistant" (shareware) or "Harmony Assistant" (paid) you will not only be able to edit the sheet music but you can also have the software play the sheet music to you, even selecting which musical instrument it will use. You can also select a portion of the tune to play, in order to e.g. focus on a difficult bit. With this software you can change the tempo of the playback, even add in a metronome. Really useful in learning a tune. Download the shareware "Melody Assistant" app from:


Any feedback i.e. errors in the sheet music; or difficulties with the web site can be reported to: